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Project/Presentation guidelines

November 30, 2012 in Administrivia

Reports: One report per team. 3-4 pages. Should have the following items/sections: title page (Title, names and IDs of the team members), Introduction, Data and Method, Results. Describe the question(s) that you are trying to address, the data that you used to address the question(s), analysis pipeline or workflow, and the main findings from their analysis (results, summarized in table or graphical form as appropriate).  Provide a link to the code that you developed for this project as github repository or an archive of your source code. You should provide references to any tools, datasets, or background concepts you refer to with the use of literature references.

Presentations: 10-15 mins. One presentation per team. Present the same material as paper, but summarize for audience what you were trying to address and what results you were able to find. Discuss your methods and code you needed to develop to solve the problems in your project. Each team needs to prepare a set of power point slides as they would do for a lab meeting or conference. One member can represent the team and do the whole presentation, or several members can talk about different parts of the presentation.

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