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Week 2 announcements

October 2, 2012 in Administrivia

This week’s lectures will be Wednesday 2-4PM and 2-3PM on Friday (but we will stick around to answer questions) and will cover an introduction to Perl. There are many tutorials out there on the web, many linked at the Resources page. Feel free to browse there in addition to the material that will be covered in class.

Homework problem sets

No problemsets were required to be turned in from last week’s UNIX problems and we will have problemsets for you to work for this week’s lectures on Wednesday and Friday.

Cluster accounts

Accounts are now ready. If you can come to class early on Wednesday we can get you setup. Or you are welcome to stop by Jason’s office on Wednesday and get your account information ahead of time.

Mailing list for the course

To accomodate those not registered but following along in the class, and encourage discussions among all of us, I have started a mailing list you can try out for asking questions. I will also use it to announce information in addition to what goes on iLearn. Please go there to read the list or subscribe if you want to get the regular emails (you can also just read the list via the web if you don’t want to get more emails – just don’t forget to check it or subscribe to the RSS feed).

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  1. Hi, it seems that only Mac or ipad can see the second lectures, while windows cannot

    • Hi – it is simply a web browser page so it should work for everyone running a web browser that supports HTML5 (firefox, chrome). If you hit the right arrow key does it not advance the slides? Hit the ‘T’ key to see a table of contents.

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